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B1 visa travel with I-140 Pending

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  • B1 visa travel with I-140 Pending

    Hello Friends,

    Hope you are doing well. I need some guidance around dealing with my current visa situation.

    I am currently in Canada on a work permit with my I-140 pending (filed under PP, currently awaiting decision. H1B 6 years exhausted). I recently travelled to my client location in the US for a period of 3.5 weeks on B1 visa. I wanted to get some guidance around when is it safe to travel back again to US on B1 visa for short period (2 weeks or so) without jeapordizing my GC process (since I would be close to filing H1B extension if I-140 is approved). Is there any cool-off period between two B1 visa visits? Would highly appreciate your opinions on my case.