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I 140 did not get decision yet can I change Job!

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  • I 140 did not get decision yet can I change Job!

    Hi Friends,

    I have applied for I 140 ( with a sunstitution LC) IN SEPT 05. In EB3. Concurrent Filing for I485.

    I got my EAD in OCT 05 and renewed it again this year and now I got the valid EAD upto OCT 07.

    I gave my fingerprints in Oct 05.

    After that i dis not get any decision on my i -140. It has been 9 Months , I have got my EAD.

    Now I got a full time offer from the client that Iam working with.

    Can I take the fulltime offer with my EAD? My client will not take H1 So can I use EAD and join as full time, in whichj case, i will be changing my employer.

    What will be the consequences? My old employer will not be willing to loose me. But I want to take up the full tikme offer. Am I eligible to do so? Please advice what to do? what is the safe game that i have to play now..

    Thanks in advance.

    Kumar Raj