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140 REF for degree major not match

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  • 140 REF for degree major not match

    I got RFE for my 140 regarding my degree major doesn't match with the major in labor. Degree evaluation was done which is equivalent to the major in labor. CIS considered is a reference since there are no details in the evaluation document.

    The details RFE is CIS mentioned that can only find 1 class from my transcript match the major degree which is ECE. And request to provide evidence to proof my major is equivalent to ECE which evidence should come from my university's official document.

    So my questions are:

    1. Should I focus on get official document from my university? When filed 140, already includes, degree certificate, transcript, degree evaluation. What else documents from university is official?
    2. Or should I focus on explaining my courses are part of ECE if there are not any official documents from my university? I did some research, I got course by course evaluation and expert opinion letter for this RFE. Because we need to explain or list all courses that belong to the ECE major in my university and some universities in US.
    3. Any other documents is helpful?

    Thank you for your suggestions and help in advance!