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I-140 minimum wages ?

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  • I-140 minimum wages ?

    Hello All,

    I applied I-140 and I-485 a week back. My employer is a small company with 2 employees. My case is RIR labour (NJ) applied in July, 2002 and approved in April, 2006. Last year my co-worker's I-140 got denied because he was getting only 40k per annum even though at the time of his labour filing it was mentioned as 80k. At the time of labour filing in my case also, lawyer put 80k.

    My labour filed on July 15th, 2002.
    I have h1-b with the company since june 2001.
    Joined the company on sep. 9th 2002 and started getting salary at the rate of 76k per annum.
    In 2003 I got the salary 76k.
    In 2004 I got the salary 94k.
    In 2005 I got the salary 94k.
    In 2006 I am getting salary at the rate of 94k.
    I came to US in June 1998 and I am on H1 8 years.

    Could please tell me what is the probabilty of my I-140 getting approved?
    If my case is rejected based on minimum wages, what are my options?
    Can I file another labour with a new company?

    Reddy Pat

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    If you file labor with a new company you will have to pay for H1b transfer $2500 + new green card appln $6000 = good used car. save that money and invest in something useful.