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Experience letter for I-140

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  • Experience letter for I-140


    I got my labor Approval and i'm ready for applying I-140.
    My labor requirement is atleast 3yrs of experience in Web technology with VB6.0,Oracle,XML,HTML etc.

    I have 2 questions.Gurus please answer me.

    1) i worked in different technolgies in my previous companies.
    i have experience letters from my previous employers for 35 months
    which exactly matches to the ones(VB6.0,Oracle,XML,HTML) mentioned in my labor.
    But i also had the experience letter for about 2 yrs in client/server technology with VB,Oracle
    without XML,HTML which i didn't use.

    is it going to be a problem for I-140 as i didn't use XML,HTML for these 2yrs?

    2)I have experince letters from all my previous employers except one Company A.
    I worked for company A from May 2002- Dec 2002 in some internal project
    which i didn't get paid from May 2002 - Sept 2002.i got paid from Oct 2002 to Dec 2002.

    I did mention in my labor that i worked for company A from May 2002- Dec 2002.
    So company A agreed for giving experience letter only with the dates from Oct 2002- Dec 2002 ,not from May 2002- Dec 2002.
    Moreover i don't know anyone from this company in order to get experience letter
    from co-worker.

    is it going to be any problem with my I-140 as i don't have one experince letter?

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    1. IMO Not important. Once you have labor cert this is not an issue

    2. IMO again not imp once you have your LC
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      Experience letter for I-140

      Is it true for substitute labor? How critical is experience letter for substitue labor and I-140 filing?