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Re-Use Priority Date after gap

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  • Re-Use Priority Date after gap

    I know that after I-140 approval we can keep the same Priority date and file for new labor and I-140 for another employer BUT can we still keep the priority date after a GAP ?


    I am working for Company-A on H1-B visa and I have labor and I-140 approval from this company (Priority date is Jan 2005).

    I want to join Company-B for which I have to transfer my H1B visa and this company-B has requirement that they will file my Green Card after One Year Only.

    My Question: let us say that I transferred my H1B from Company-A to Company-B ( now : June 2007) and after one year later company-B decides to do my green card ( June 2008) , will I be able to use the priority date (Jan 2005) from company-A.

    OR do I have to start my Labor and I-140 as soon as I join company-B (Now: June 2007)