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Very Urgent - Please help

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  • Very Urgent - Please help

    Gurus - Pls help

    My employer has a labor that was meant for an employee who no longer works there. I would like to know if I can use this as substitute labor and apply for 140/485/EAD concurrently to take advantage of the dates being current.


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    I-485 dates being current is a scam. As of now there are millions of people applying for I-485. The quota for EB2 and EB3 is only 40,000 per year. In the past 3 days since the quota began, already 400,000 people must have applied for I-485. That means it will take 10 years for these folks to get their green cards. What happens next? Everyone who applied for I-485 will get EADs and then there will be a retrogression again. EAD is valid for 1 year. So, they must pay EAD fees + Advance parole fees + lawyer fee (approx $3000) every year to continuously renew the EAD.


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      Urgent Answers Please

      I need to know the answers on following two questions:

      1 - Got I-140 approved thru Company A one year back with a priority date of Jan-2004 in EB3. Can Company B file for the H1-B extension for 3 years when they file in June 2007 (as my priority date is not current for June). Can USCIS later make it one year approval if they determine in July 07 that the dates are current whereas it were not in June 2007 when the H1-B case was filed.

      2 - If I join Company B, can I still file I-485 with Company A. Any effects on Company B's H1-B approval or later green card process? I'm planning to travel to India in Oct-Nov on H1-B of Company B. Is filing of I-485 thru company A in July going to give me trouble at port of entry?

      Any help would be highly appreciated as I need to take the decision on whether to join Company B or not.