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I 140 denied 1/24/2008

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  • I 140 denied 1/24/2008

    Completely gone case,

    My i 140 denied today. I dont know what to do. I hv a house kids...dont have strength to apply renew and wait for 4-5 years.....Can I apply for Canada? and how..Go there as visitor and apply for PR . I donot hv visa stamp ! H1 expiring in 4/2008. Please suggest.If I apply for extension ,Can i do it my self or take help from attorney he is charging me $1000.00

    Please help me...I am just completely devastated....

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    Sorry to hear ...

    ... about your problems.

    Depending upon the reason why your I-140 was rejected, your attorney can file for an appeal and work with you to get it approved. This would be a case by case scenario and depends on your very specific situation. Cannot offer any generalized suggestion here.

    Usually attorneys charge a lump sum amount to file for permanent residency in United States. They would not charge anything separate for replying to a RFE etc. However, this also depends upon your specific contract with your attorney and also your company/employer.

    A H1B visa holder living in United States can file for Canadian immigration from within this country. However, this is not a short or easy process and it appears that you don't have much time to go through this at the moment. It is not possible nor permitted for you to go to Canada on a visitor visa (for which you need to apply and get it stamped on your passport) and then apply for your Canadian residency from there.

    You can file for an extension on your H1B visa itself, since this is a temporary work permit. However, based on the reasons of your I-140 rejection, you may have difficulties herein too.

    If you have financial issues, you may at least prepare for and plan to sell your house which will probably get you cash in the bank which will be easy to move if you have to leave the country. At least being prepared won't hurt you, if the situation arises.


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      i 140 denied ,4/2008 h1 expiring

      My i 140 denied on 24/2008 . I need to appeal my case. I think i will get some time. Then i am trying to apply for canada? Or do u think if i stay put and see if any law changes or guest worker program becomes law?? I have 2 kids in school, they dont want to leave? I dont know what to do>If some body can suggst some?

      Help me gurus.....never thot anything like this will happen>>>