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Please kinldy help tricked by a greedy employer

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  • Please kinldy help tricked by a greedy employer

    please kinldy help tricked by a greedy employer

    Employer A

    Story Prior to June 2007:

    Green Card Dates

    PD Apr 2003

    Labor approved Dec 2005

    I-140 approved Jan 2006

    1-485 was not filed because of no concurrent filing.
    education qualifications :Bsc,MSC

    Employer A is worst pay master want to keep 70% of billing rate so I moved to Employer B by transferring H1B but employer B is a Fortune 500 company with lot of restrictions on gc filing filed only in Jan 2008

    In June when priority dates opened up my previous employer ( Employer A) contacted all who left the company and offered too file 485/ead/ap/fingerprints provided we pay money of $5k.

    Because my GC is going nowhere with employer B I got tempted and paid Employer A and my i-485 is filed

    I got my EAD took finger prints got 1-485 receipts for august 2 2007

    I was very happy there is some movement on my green card after being in 8th year in this country.

    Real issue is

    I just got to know this week My Greedy Employer A
    had sold my labor to another gentleman before
    June 2007.His labour was approved in March 2007 and i-140 filed in May 2007 he too filed his 485/ap/765/fingerprints.He got his EAD and I-140
    is not approved.
    This my employer A had never revealed to me when he offered the offer in June 2007 I taught his intentions where to make money he tricked me.

    my 485 filling is past 180 days .

    Please let me know who will have right over the labor.

    Can I have some hope on this green card filing
    What will be my status
    My i-140 is approved Jan 2006 and 485 Receipt Aug 2nd 2007

    Will my labor substitution is having more right he is currently under my employer A payroll and denies to talk to me and believes that there is no
    problem and doesn't understand the situation.
    He is a fresher to this country and came one year back on h1b of another company switched for labour subsitution

    Employer A is typically inaccessible after
    I asked him about this information.

    Thanks in advance for going through my long story
    any advice greatly appreciable.