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How long after i-140 can I get Quite/Laid off etc?

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  • How long after i-140 can I get Quite/Laid off etc?

    Hey There,

    I am on H1B, got my LCA and about to apply for my i-140, i-485 (AOS), i-765 (EAD) and AP. Hope fully concurrently. I know that the attorney retained by my employer is going to apply for the i-140 and i-485 concurrently thought I'm going to push for everything being applied at the same time.

    Given the situation in the Tech industry... I'm not sure how long employment will last...

    So what is the absolute min that must be processed? My guess is EAD. (That takes 6months in Calif, from the date of filing for i-140 etc).

    So what happend after the EAD is recieved and you get laid off? Can you still hang around? Do u have to get a job similar in description and Pay (Fat chance of that happening)

    I hear it takes 24 to 36 months after AP to get your GreenCard. Is that true?

    Ideally after getting my EAD and AP, I'd like to take a break... travel a bit.. etc.
    Do I still need to be employed at the same or similar capacity till I get the GreenCard?