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I-140 NSC two months-no receipt

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  • I-140 NSC two months-no receipt

    My I-140 is sent to NSC in March 2003, it has more than 60 days, I have not got the receipt yet.

    Is it normal for receipt? What can I do?

    Please help!!


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    -140 NSC two months-no receipt

    Normally, within 10 days INS will mail the receipt. There are three options for your problem.

    1. For I-140 who wrote the cheque for $135 in favour of INS/BCIS?
    If it is you, then verify your bank account and see that whether the cheque is encashed or not. If it is encashed then, on the back of the cheque you will find the receipt number. You can note down that number.

    If it is by the company or attorney then ask them to find the same as I mentioned above to get the receipt number.

    2. If the cheque has not encashed then you call the NSC INS office and explain your problem. They will ask your first name, last name and date of birth and then enter the same on their system. It will pull your information, if it is on their system.

    Otherwise, consult your attorney who filed your case.

    Best of luck....Rao


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      60 days

      Thanks a lot!

      I-140 is filled by my employer, they did check with BCIS in April, the answer they got is: not expecting a receipt within 60 days.

      Now it is more than 60 days, still no receipt.

      I will tell them to check the money paid as you said.

      Thanks a again!


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        Check not cashed -- HELP needed!

        My employer found out the check for my I-140 has not been cashed. It was submitted more than two months ago. It is NSC center.

        They tried to call, but seems no way to get in the line.

        I tried a number of times, the line is always busy.

        What should I do?