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I-140, I-485, 765 and 131

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  • I-140, I-485, 765 and 131

    I am about to file I-140 and the rest of the forms and have few questions.
    1. How long is it taking for I-140 to clear from Texas, and how do we know if it was processed or is pending?
    2. For 485, I am applying for my wife also based on my employment. Should I fill out a seperate set of forms for her or should I just let the one form do all the talking since it asks whether my wife is applying with me or not and her particulars?
    3. For 765 and 131, should we file only a single form or two forms, one for each?
    Pls note that my wife is here on a valid student visa and not an H4.
    Thanking you all in advance.