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Printing/copying of I-140 petition Form

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  • Printing/copying of I-140 petition Form

    I am in process of filing for I-140 petition. Should I send the I-140 Form as 3 pages or 2 pages by making photocopies on front and back. I printed the form from internet and the printer printed 3 one sided pages.
    Please give your opinion if their is any requirement
    of sending 3 separate pages of form I-140 or should
    I make duplex photocopies. In case if the copies should
    be on front and back what should be the sequence(page
    1 separate and page 2 and page 3 copied duplex).Does
    it matter?
    Thanks for your reply.

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    Copy form i-140

    Any INS form should be copied front and back. The sequence is like you have said, page 1 in the front, then page 2 on the back and page 3 on another page. It is important that all the signatures of your employers are in the right places/boxes and in other color than black.