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I-140 not approved.

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  • I-140 not approved.


    I received a notice from the INS, regarding the I-140 being not approved. The notice is asking for an experience letter. It says I have not submitted sufficient amount of years experience. They need atleast two years of experience where as they have received only one, which is a surprise for me.

    My problem is that I might not be able to get the experience letter from previous employer. What is the best way to do this?

    Now what should be done here along with the submission of the experience letter. Should it be filled as a new application or should it be filled as re submission.

    A quick response it highly appreciated.

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    I140 - Not approved

    It is a normal process. It is called an RFE(Request For Further Evidence). Just get the experience letter they wanted and send it back along with the letter they sent you. It should be approved within a week after that.


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      Re: I140 - Not approved

      I am unable to get the letter from the company because I didn't resign, but I have all the appointment letters and other salary increment statements, also a letter from another colleague of mine but not the company's letter head, would that be sufficient to file the case again or would I "NEED" to get the experience letter from the company no matter what. I mean is there any other solution to this problem.


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        Get affidavit from your ex-colleagues. Check out here ...

        I am not sure if the letter needs to be notarized, but you can get information from the I-140 or I-485 forums at immigration.com.


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          I-140 Approved

          I got my Experience Letter and submitted it to the INS before the due date. The case was approved after 3 weeks from the date of reciept as stated on the recorded message.


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            need your help

            I am also in same situation. Please tell what you did after you got letter from INS asking for work experience letter.

            Here is my problem .

            My lawyer filed my I-140 in June'02, just last week INS sent a letter asking for all the previous work experience letter on company's letterhead.

            But the problem is my previous employer is no more in business, that company is closed. I don't have letter from this company.

            I don't know how to get my work experience letter.
            Is there any alternative solution for this ?

            Please help me...

            Thanks in advance


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              work experience letter

              Not a legal advice.

              If your previous manager/co-worker is currently employed with another company, he/she can issue a work experience letter to you on his/her current employer letterhed, stating that he was your manager in company 'x' and company 'x' is no longer in business plus the details of your work experience.

              Hope this helps, check with your lawyer for validity.