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  • Where fastest Green Card processing


    Can anyone tell me which state is the fastest in processing H1 and Green Card in the US? I am looking for a consulting firm to sponsor my H1 and Green Card, I have project with me, just looking for a consulting firm to hire me and sponsor my Green Card, then contract me to my client company. I've found a consulting firm willing to do that, but they file GC at New Jersey which takes 3-4 years. Can anyone give me some information where should I look for a consulting firm which can do it faster?

    Your kind help is greatly appreciated.


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    The fastest state for Green Card processing is Delaware. SESA is always current, DOL only 30 days. I-140 through Vermont center about 2 month, I-485 about 8 months. The whole process can be complished in about 1 year, if you go through consuling processing, even faster. I know a consulting firm in Delaware acctually willing to help its consultant in H1 and Green Card application. Under current ecomony situation, you will need to have your own project or job offer in order to join the consulting firm. I think they can start your H1 and GC as soon as you join. They have reasonable billing rate percentage too. You will need to be responsible for the green card processing and application expenses. I think they do have in-house attoney to help you.

    Consulting firm usually intend to file your Green Card application through a slow state, so they can keep you longer in the company and exploid you more. If you are currently working for a consulting firm but tired of not being free, or if you are looking for a company to sponsor your Green card the quickest, working with the Delaware company will be a good deal. Do the math, you will know. The sooner you get Green Card, the sooner you can be free and independant.

    If you would like more information or have questions, please feel free to email me at: [email protected].
    Please attach your resume and description of your background and current status. I will be happy to refer you based on your qualification.