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please help I need to make a decision soon

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  • please help I need to make a decision soon

    My labor certification EB2 LR got cleared. An opening in the manager position has been announced ,Could u pls clarify the foll.
    1. Can I accept this job ? I still have to apply for my I 140? My job description does mention that I may have to manage people. The salary grade is the same though the title changes

    2.Does RI/LR/non RIR make a difference in the I-140 processing ?

    3. what documents are needed to file I-140? do they need original letters from prev employees/ advisors

    thanks in advance

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    1. If you accept the new job, you have to do everything again.

    2. No.

    3. Why don't read this web site before asking this question? Everything is clearly mentioned.
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