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TSC I-140 questions... please urgent

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  • TSC I-140 questions... please urgent

    Hi all,

    My Labor(EB2 RIR) was approved.. recvd the hard copy
    and am going to file I-140 at TSC this week. My PD is Mar 10 2000

    How long will be the wait for I-140 to be approved(Iam from India).
    The Job description is MS + 2+ yrs experience..

    Iam B.Sc + M.C.A(Master in Comp Appl) + 2 and halfyears in software before i joined this company.. will there be any problem with educational qualification???? my company submitted an eduction evaluation(As equivalent to MS) at the time of Labor only(This was done when they processed my H1) will that help????

    I have all my ex-firm relieiving/experience letters but they don't mention skill set.. An ex-colleague of mine gave me a reference letter from India mentioning my duration at the ex-company and also the skill-set.. will that do.. it was just signed by him on company letter-head and doesn't have any notary-stuff.. is that okay :-)

    Will the EB2 dates for India be moving at the same pace??
    (I know it is difficult to answer..but do give me some hope :-))) )
    I will go for AOS(If i ever make it to I-485 stage)

    please suggest/advise me on these issues..

    any input will be greatly appreciated..

    best regards