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CSC I-140 approved but I have a question

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  • CSC I-140 approved but I have a question

    I just now heard from CSC automated voice message that my CSC Eb2 I-140 got approved
    (RD:1/26/00, AD:7/27/00).

    I thought mine was a doubtful case (I applied both Eb3 and Eb2 I-140)
    and that had a very bad feeling frombeginning that my Eb2 I-140 will get rejected.
    From what I heard from the automated voice message it seems my Eb2 I-140
    luckily got approved. BTW, I have a USA Masters and Indian Bachelors degrees in
    Computer Science but my job requirement has "B.S + 4-7" as minimum qualification and
    an alternate clause of "will accept M.S +2 to 4 yrs experience also".

    Can INS create problems in I-485 stage that this Eb2 I-140 should not have been approved
    in Eb2 and that it was approved by mistake etc and screw my AOS case in the future when
    I apply for AOS?

    Has anyone faced or seen this kind of cases? Under what conditions will INS reject
    485 applications? Will INS look again at all the credientials at 485 stage and verify the AEC
    and I-140 again for authentecity of qualifications?

    Thank You,