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Professional or Skilled Worker?

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  • Professional or Skilled Worker?


    Today I got all copies of I-140 application set my lawyer sent to CSC last
    I thought my category is EB3 as a professional. I have BS engineering degree
    and 1 year experience. My labor certification says that the requirements of
    my job are Education: Bachelors Degree (Engineering) and Experience: 1 year
    job offered.
    However, Telegraphic Message I-140 Cable Format says basis of classification
    is "Skilled Worker".
    Now I'm confused. Skilled worker needs two years experience, right? Does
    that mean I don't qualify for the job??? Do I need to point that out to my
    lawyer to correct it?
    And, I-140 receipt notice says "Skilled Worker or Professional". Looks like
    it doesn't matter if Skilled Worker or Professional. I mean IIO decides
    Skilled Worker or Professional based on my labor certification even
    Telegraphic Message I-140 Cable Format says "Skilled Worker"???
    Does anybody know about it?


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    You need to contact your attorney and have him explain this to you. Skilled/professional worker is one in the same for certain services, your attorney is your best resource for answers.