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I-140 REF from VSC

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  • I-140 REF from VSC

    Dear Immihelp:

    I just received an REF from VSC, the REF mentions: “Submit additional evidence to establish that the employer had the ability to pay the preferred wage of $65,000 as of date of filling.”

    Question: Looking at the Query what is that the INS wants to see. I was full time employed by the employer and my salary was 55,000 (at the date of filling), therefore does the employer need to prove that the company was in a position to pay $ 10,000 (difference between the minimum wage and my salary) or they have to prove that they could pay an additional $65,000. What would be the best way to answer the Query, just attach my W2 for the year or attach the company tax return?

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    Total $65,000. (55***0)

    Not $55,000 + $65,000.
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