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How do I file I-140 with CP and then change to AOS

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  • How do I file I-140 with CP and then change to AOS

    If I file for CP in 140 then if
    I want to process AOS what is the procedure?
    that is can we straight away apply for AOS (Just like the case when AOS is mentioned in CP ) or should we
    apply for I-824.(like applying for CP )

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    Hi Guys,
    I have a question regarding CP.


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      Hey Prakash,

      My lawyer told me one can apply for AOS irrespective of what is mentioned in the I-140 approval notice. I am in the same boat as yours. I am not happy with the response from my lawyer.

      Please inform me at [email protected] if you get more information.



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        How do I file I-140 with CP and then change to AOS

        What I know:

        If you I140 has been approved for CP you cannot just go ahead and file AOS because you file is shipped to NVC the day I140 approves.

        Mine was approved for CP & took a long time to reach NVC.So I called VSC & NVC to track down my file.

        To find the file was a huge task (so called transit fo 1.5 months). When I asked an IIO at VSC as to when the file gets shipped, I was told usually the same day or 48 hours.

        Also once your file leaves the INS service center, they refuse to answer any questions as they say "We don't have the file".

        So I don't really know how you can just go ahead a file AOS. Please get a second opinion.

        Also if you have been approved for CP you can call NVC and find out if you file has arrived( They are easier to talk to)

        best of luck