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I-140 Approved (Is it CP or AOS?)

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  • I-140 Approved (Is it CP or AOS?)

    Hi Folks,

    My I-140 got approved recently. On the Approval Notice it mentions Consulate: Mumbai.

    For filing I used the older I-140 Application form
    (Rev Dec 1991) instead of I-140 (Rev Dec 1998) . This older form did not have column for AOS or CP.

    Can I still apply for AOS? Or Is This decision commanded by the National Visa Center (NVC) ? Please advise...
    What should I do to apply for AOS ( My PD is May 6,1997 and current PD is May 1, 1997)

    You can also write directly to me at [email protected]


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    CP or AOS

    YOUR case is CP but if you wish you can file for AOS. CP will be Fast for you in Bombay.


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      This is for Raman

      Fast means how fast. Some people take as much as 3 months to get an interview. With new law, 485 guys are free 181 days after filing for AOS.

      Can you please share some information and throe some light?


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        By going for CP you will be able to get your GC stamping in maximum 6 months from the date your I-140 was approved. regarding the I-485(AOS) and leaving the employer after 180 days, the law has been passed but INS has not still given the proper guidelines.with 145 you will get your GC in 1-2 years. this point of time CP is better for you If I have been you I would have gone for CP .