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Help: 140 filed and my company going thru a Merger

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  • Help: 140 filed and my company going thru a Merger

    I am working with Company A on H1B. I am thru labor and I filed 140 a month back.

    Company A is merging with Company B ( it will take another month or so to formalize the deal)

    1. What will happen to my greencard processing?
    2. Should i repeat labor and 140 all over again.
    3. Most likely my designation is going to be the same and same is the pay. ( i will negotiate and work towards it)

    Any help is appreciated.


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    Company Merger and I-140

    It should not matter as long as your new company sends in an amendment. All INS processes and filing dates remain the same as they were before the merger. Just make sure that the new company files for an amendment to your current H1 and to the GC application(s). There should be no effect to the approved labor process.

    All the best !


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      Re: Company Merger and I-140

      1. No H1 ammendment is needed, according to the latest laws. The new merged entity will need to keep a letter saying that they take-on the liability associated with your H1 and keep that in the Public Access Folder.

      2. After your current i-140 is filled, you can go ahead and apply for i-485 and "Second i-140 - with the new company"

      Good luck to you.