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Urgent Help ..Laying off

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  • Urgent Help ..Laying off

    Urgent help needed!

    I am on H1b and my I140 is pending

    My manager said that on May 1st i would receive my final pay check. I have 10 days of vacation and so i requested that i get paid for ten more days. he said he would consider. ( if he considers, then i will get one more pay check on may 15th)

    1. I also have asked him if he can give a bare minimum pay till i get an employer to transfer my H1. What should be the bare minimum pay that i need to get to convince that i am on the pay rolls of the company. ( so that i do not land up with problems when i send in details to transfer the h1 later) He said he will consider this option also.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    my friend was in the same situation. his company issued **** paystub and he planned not to work until he receives the i140 approval, then after 180 days.