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I-140: Tax return from employer

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  • I-140: Tax return from employer

    Dear all,
    My LC got approved in Nov,2000(PD:Sep'2000, EB3 India,RIR, CSC) and my lawyer still(FEB'16) didn't file for my I-140. Lawyer said she didn't receive last tax return from my company and she needs company's last tax return or letter from CFO to file my I-140.
    Can someone tell me how hard it is for the company to prepare one. When do companies usually file their tax returns(dead line for them)?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Is your employer a public company or private? That makes
    a difference.

    By they way how do you you are in EB2 if you have not
    filed your I-140 yet?



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      My company is a private company planning to go public sometime soon.

      I don't know yet but it's going to be EB3(BS + 2 yrs experience).

      Thank you,


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        It does not matter whether your company is private or public. All companies needs to file quarterly tax return.
        Private companies may not be interested in reveling their financial stuff.. My attorney used "company brochure" - marketing mateirial which contained the size of the copany and the revenue they had the previous year.. INS needs some kind of proof that your company is capable of paying you.

        Hope this helps.


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          How important is companies finances? Anyones case got rejected based on companies finacial status?

          Thanks in Advance,


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            Re: Important for INS on financial health of a company

            I did not file my taxes last year and the year before that I was in school, Will that affect CP or AOS if I file I-485 once my I-140 is approved at the end of this month since I will only have tax returns for 1 year only?