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Concern and doubt about I-140

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  • Concern and doubt about I-140

    Hello gurus,
    I need some one to clarify my doubt. A legal assistant in my attorney's office informed me that my I-140 was approved however when i enquired about filing for I-485 he replied saying that INS is now processing july 2000 applns. and that mine is august 15 so i have to wait a little longer. Is this true???? I'm EB2/RIR/RD Oct/01/00/. I'm sure for EB2 it is current, right??

    I really need some advise and opinions here because due to merger of two companies together my job prospects are on the downslide and i can keep my job in the present company for more 6 months to 1 year and i very badly need to file it immediately atleast to take advantage of the 180 days after I-485 filing. Couple of people in immigration portal said "yes" and i need more people to give me a good idea as i'm going to take this as a serious issue with my company's attorney or atleast apply on my own or apply thro' some other lawyer.

    Answers are greatly appreciated.

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    As per my understanding when INS approves I-140 they also put an individuals category as EB3 or EB2 .. whatever may be the case.

    I do know, from numerous message boards that sometimes there is a mistake in that and they approve I-140 in wrong category.

    If you have I-140 approval notice with you check your category.

    If your PD is current you can obvoiusly apply for AOS. That's the rule man....

    Maybe the attorney in conjunction with the company is fooling around with U.

    Best of Luck..