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Help Needed on I-140

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  • Help Needed on I-140

    Hello to everybody,
    Here is my situation. I did my B.S.(Computer Science) from City College of New York in June 1998 as F1 student. Soon after graduating and after working for 6 months with another firm (on OPT), I was hired by my current employer who got me H1B. The employer started my green card process in May 2000. Labor certification was approved in December 2000 (with only 6 months experience and B.S.). They have now filed I-140 petition (EB3). I just wanted to know the possibility of getting I-140 approved. I have "heard" by someone that, in I-140 process, INS scrutinizes the candidate more than DOL regardless of the LC. Can someone please elaborate on the exact procedure of I-140 and what are the chances of getting this approved especially with 6 months experience?
    I would really appreciate for your help.

    Shahzad Malik

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    As per my understanding in LC DOL verifies whether the JOB offered is indeed short of capable persons in US.

    IN I-140 they usually verify whether the individual whose green card is being processed has required experience as sited in the JOB advertisment. Hence you need to verify that the job description on LC should match with your skill set and experience.

    Moreover INS also verifies the financial standing of the company sponsoring GC. The reasoning behind this is that the company should be in a position to pay you the salary as cited in LC when, eventualy you will get the GC.

    Hope this helps