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problem with tax retuns for gc

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  • problem with tax retuns for gc


    I have applied for my green card and right now it is in I140
    i have a question i.e what all documents we need to submit
    at the time of 485.
    actually i came to us in 98 and i did not get paid by my employer till jan of 99 and till june99, then i changed the company got paid from march 2000 to march 2001 from then
    he reduced the salary to 20k(on bench) now i am wandering
    how this is going to effect my green card processing.

    i.e for 99 my w2 shows 21k as income
    for 2000 it shows 51k
    and for 2001 it shows 21k....

    let me know how i should handle this situation.

    replay will be greatly appriciated.