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I140 query.

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  • I140 query.

    > My labor is approved August, 2008.
    2> My I-140 has been applied September, 2008.
    3> My H1 is expiring April 25th,2009.
    4> I am not eligible for one year extension of H1 as there is lack of 365 days gap (19 days) between labor file and H1 expiry.
    5> I have option for I-140 premium processing 60 days before my H1 expiry and then apply for 3 year extension.

    Now my question is premium processig of I140 if not avialble 60 days before my H1 expiry (Considering USCIS can revoke this facility at any time) I have to leave US and wait for I140 to get approved.


    1>After I140 is approved while I am outside US how can I apply for H1 extension for 3 years (considering my original H1 is expired)?
    2>If 3 years extension at all can be filed while I am outside of US will it go through lottery system or not?
    3> What are my other options?

    Thanks in advance for your kind reply.