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EB2 - EB3 [Start GC process]

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  • EB2 - EB3 [Start GC process]

    I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree(4 yr degree) in Computer Science and have a total of [4year 3 months] work experience in software development after that. I joined my current employer 3 months back and my company is ready to process my Greencard now. I understand that to qualify for EB2 I need 5 years of work experience after Bachelors. My question is
    1) With 4 years 3 months experience is it possible to directly apply for EB2? Is there any risk involved there in this?
    2)Or should I wait for another 9 months before I start my GC process so that I will have 5 years experience by then?
    3)Or should I start my GC process in EB3 category right now and later do an EB3 to EB2 transfer? How reliable is this process.