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AC21 usage question

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  • AC21 usage question

    Hello Immigurus,

    Need your help ASAP. Am planning to change companies. Heres my scenario:
    1. Priority Date: Apr 2005.
    2. I-140 Status: Approved.
    3. I-485: Applied on Aug 2007.

    1. Since my I-485 has been pending for more than 180 days and with my I-140 approved, could I change my employer to a new one (similar job profile) retaining the Priority Date?
    My only issue is that I dont have a copy of my approved labor (nor the case/ receipt number) for some reason. I have my approved I-140 copy though. I also have receipt number for applied I-485.
    When I switch employers and if I cant get my labor case number from my old employer, will it be an issue in future?

    2. Also, what circumstances could cause me to go back to my old employer for asking any details ? For my I-485 approval process, is there any dependency on my old employer?

    3. My H1B date on petition expires on July 2009. This is my 2nd term of H1 (totally 5 years on H1 till now). Will this be an issue if the new company files for my H1B transfer along with further extension based on my approved I-140 status? Note: As a backup, I have my approved EAD.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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