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I140 cat & LC Q - need urgent input pls

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  • I140 cat & LC Q - need urgent input pls

    Hi Guys,
    I am concerned about my situation and need ur input. I have been a silent member and was always reading the forum and got much info.
    My LC is approved in May and company filed 140
    in OCT. I talked to the attroney and he told me that my 140 is in EB2. I do not know in which cat my LC was. What are the chances of getting RFE or denial. I have master and 5 years experience before joining my employer.
    Is there any way to know about the LC (i mean without talking to attroney / employer)
    appreciate ur input.
    Thanks, Raj

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    need help on I140 & I485

    I submitted my first I-140 & I485 on sep 17, 2003. Currently I140 Vermont center process is doing Sep 2004. I got my EAD March 2004. We went to fingerprint also Oct 14th, 2004 completed. My employer also didn't get any info. regarding my I140 & I485. We conf to INS 3times and last week we did 4th time. They say we don't have any info regarding this case info. My wife and daughter got advance payroll, but mine is still pending. My lawyer says we can file G28 and do enquiry with senator of NJ. Any use for this or not please let me know. or What are the procedure to do my side.

    Many thanks!


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      Did you sign the LC? ( form ETA 750B) when they filed your Labor or is this subsitution? However, your education & experience should match LC. If it was on your name you have read it already. So no problems.Post messages if you get an RFE. Patience is the key..it's one way traffic and they have already applied. Good Luck!

      This is not a legal advice.


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        Your lawyer probably told you something to resist calls from you. You will also get an approval.These are usual delays.In the mean time write a letter directly to the USICS with a copy of the receipt notice explaining your situation and delay. Please request them send a copy to you. Usually they write to representative (attorney ) on record.

        This is not a legal advice.