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  • EB3 to EB2

    My I-140 was filled in EB-3 and it is approved since more then 2 years now, My Priority Date is Aug - 2007.

    When I filled Labor and I-140, My company lawyer convinced me to File in EB3 since he felt my then designation/role as "QA Analyst" and my skills (mostly Manual Testing) did not qualify me for EB2 and could be a risk, even though I had Masters degree from India.
    Currently my Designation is "Senior Quality Analyst" in the same company and My total experience has also extended beyond 5 years. Plus I am also using Automation tools in my testing .

    Do all these changes qualify me for justifying I can file a parallel application for 140 in EB2 with same priority date? as it seems EB3 is just not moving. are there any risks involved in doing this?