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H1B visa transfer to a startup I start

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  • H1B visa transfer to a startup I start

    I’m an Indian citizen, currently work in a large enterprise company in the Bay Area, on an H1B, also with an employer sponsored GC, approved I-140.

    I have a big idea and have a very VC who’s willing to put down 500k into my idea. Question is can I start a company (as founder), have the VC fund the company, and then do an H1B transfer into my new company? So I’ll be employed by my own company? The VC’s investment will be used to pay me, the legalities, other people I hire, etc.

    I’d love to hear of the above strategy can work? If not, what are my other options given I am already backed by a VC who’s willing to invest 500k into my company?

    Also as a side note, I just got married to an American citizen and have already filed the 485 & 765 for GC. If things go well, I’ll have employment authorization (765) in the next 4-6 months but the VC is not willing to wait that long.
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