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Retaining PD from prior i-140

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  • Retaining PD from prior i-140

    While working at Company-A, I got the i-140 approved and spent 6+ months with them post approval (so they cannot revoke the i-140).

    Then moved to Company-B and recently got the i-140 approval (porting PD from Company-A's i-140).

    If I leave Company-B before completing 6 months (post i-140 approval) and if they revoke my i-140, will I still be able to retain my PD based on Company-A's i-140?

    Very grateful for any helpful advice...

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    Yes. Each I140 is an independent petition. You can have as many I140s as you want to your name. Revocation or rejection of one does not influence the others, unless the revocation or rejection was for fraud.
    Just an opinion; Not legal advice.