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Have not recvd I140 rcpt after 44 days

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  • Have not recvd I140 rcpt after 44 days


    I am on L1a and my lawyer applied for I140 on Feb 5 ONLINE under EB1 - Managers and Execs bucket. On Feb 9, she mentioned that she was waiting for the 140 rcpt number for the concurrent AOS to be filed. She sent me a mail on Feb 11 saying that my AOS had been filed.

    I have not received a confirmation rcpt from USCIS so far. Is this normal? My lawyer says all centers are experiencing delays in processing and no one has recieved recpts in that date range.

    Can the AOS be filed without recving the 140 rcpt? Or has the rcpt been sent out and something else is wrong here?

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    Please ignore this thread. Since the I140 was filed online, my lawyer had the rcpt number on day 1 itself. She was confused between I140 and I485 and incorrectly missed passing the number to me.