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New I-140 has wrong Priority Date

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  • Myeyestrackit
    Any updates on your case? Were you able to fix the priority date on your new I 140? I have similar issue and my I 485 date is current. So I was planning to file for it by giving both my I 140s.

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  • ashragi
    started a topic New I-140 has wrong Priority Date

    New I-140 has wrong Priority Date

    Employer A: I-140 Priority Date in Approval Notice - May 2011
    Employer B: I-140 Priority Date in Approval Notice - Apr 2019

    I was really looking forward to have my Old Priority Date (May 2011) getting ported to New I-140 approval notice. And was really disappointed when I saw new priority date (Apr 2019) on my new I-140 approval notice.

    Per my Employer B,
    "For Green Card, this should Not be an issue. Employer can submit both I-140s at the I-485 stage, should the 2011 date become current. Employer should be able to use the earlier priority date for filing of the I-485".

    My questions are,
    1. Does it make sense what my Employer has said above i.e. at the time of I-485 stage, this issue can be handled by submitting both I-140s ?
    2. Does my new I-140 having wrong Priority Date can cause issue in future?
    3. If Yes, how do I fix this issue?