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I140-H1B-Job switch.

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  • I140-H1B-Job switch.

    Need your suggestion from all the nice people here.

    1) H1B will be getting over in this coming August.This is second H1B and 5 years completed , so it can be extended for 1 year . Employer is planning to extend it.

    2) Dec 2009 , PERM labor ( of GC) got approved.

    3) Employer applied for I-140 in the month of March 2010.

    I am planning to switch the employer , so

    1) If I wait for I140 approval , will the H1B extended for 3 years when the I140 approved ?

    2) Suppose , if I switch the job after H1B extended for another 1 year without waiting for I140 , how safe it is to start the Green card from scratch from another employer in the 6th year of H1B?

    3) How long usually it will take for I140 approval on standard processing ?

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    Be careful

    1.- NO
    2.- New green card process with new employer is possible but you will likely become out of status.
    3. Difficult to determine
    You should talk to your lawyer,also advisable to get a second opinion,