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L1B to H1B Conversion and I-140

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  • L1B to H1B Conversion and I-140

    Currently I am on L1B VISA in US and going to max out of 5 years on March 31st 2020. I have approved H1B petition from same employer which is valid till September 2021. My employer is ready to file PERM once I enter in US with H1B VISA by May 2020. But I will get max 1 year till May 2021 but my VISA will be still valid till September 2021. So, I would like to know if my employer files PERM for me before 365 days in expiry of my H1B VISA, would I will be able to stay after May 2021 even my PERM approval is in process and get additional 1 year extension. I need the answer urgently to plan my travel. Thank you in Advance.