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RFE on I 140 for EB3 category

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  • RFE on I 140 for EB3 category

    Hi all

    We received an RFE on our I 140 application applied for EB3 category.

    They have requested for a couple of things and most seem simple like W2 forms etc but I am concerned about the following:

    - Entrance requirements for the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT). If you can direct me to the appropriate website page or if you have a brochure that explains the entrance requirements. Must be official website / brochure. Alternatively, you may obtain a letter from the school describing their entrance requirements.

    We have gone to the NIIT website and sent the required link to our attorneys but I am wondering the reason for this requirement.

    If someone could provide me with some of their insight, that would give me some peace of mind till the USCIS makes some decision.


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    >>We have gone to the NIIT website and sent the required link to our >>attorneys but I am wondering the reason for this requirement.

    Not sure what is the background about the NIIT here & why have u mentioned these which makes no sense with ur employment(may be ur education, not sure). But any ways. its always best to provide documentary evidence like brochure, letter or entrance copy or mark-sheet etc, receipt along with the URL. Keep in mind the more precise ur details are the more easy its for the officer to see them. He is not going to look for entrance exam related doc in the URL, if u provide him some docs like brochure or letter etc he would be much convinced.

    Dont worry. I my opinion its good to get RFE, which means once u respond they will approve.


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      A piece of advice on such RFE's.... I would suggest that you please spend a little bit of extra money and get your qualification attested to be equal to a US degress if you have not already done this.

      This simply avoids such un necessary RFE's, there are many rating agencies that will get entire details of your credits and experience and write and perfom a detailed rating. Note you can only use the experience that you gathers before you applied for this GC...

      I did this and attached to my application (and instructed my Moron lawyer to do so). This is just staying one step ahead.