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New Job.. New i-140?

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  • New Job.. New i-140?

    We have an employee in our startup company (Company C) with the following situation:

    Employee History:
    First H1-B with Company A – Dec 2006
    H-1B Extension with Company A – Dec 2009
    H-1B Transfer to Company B – Mar 2011
    PERM ETA 9089 – Apr 2012 (priority date)
    i-140 approval with Company B – Oct 2012
    H-1B Extension with Company B – Sept 2013
    H-1B Extension with Company B – Sept 2016
    H-1B Transfer to Company C – Feb 2019 valid until Jan 2022 (current) [same job title and responsibilities]

    Currently, Company B is not actively conducting any business. I-140 of Employee was not withdrawn.

    1) Can Company C apply for the next 3-year H-1B extension in 2021 without an i-140 with Company C?
    2) Is it recommended to apply PERM and i-140 with Company C? or can we use the same i-140 for the EB2 i485 (if priority date becomes current eventually), with Company C?
    3) Can the priority date be retained on the new i-140 (if needed)

    Thank you for your time and guidance.