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Passport Renewal after I140 application

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  • Passport Renewal after I140 application


    My passport was expiring on Sep 15, 2010. So I went ahead and got it renewed last week (July 07, 2010) at the Indian embassy in NYC. The new passport has a new passport number with the mention of the old passport details (passport number, place and date of issue). The old passport is no more valid except for the visa page.

    My I-140 was applied on June 25, 2010 using my old passport copy. Will this affect my I-140 application in any way? I asked my lawyer. She said she thinks it should not affect it but is not sure. Your reply/experience will be appreciated.

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    No it will not... note that you they will ask you if any of your information has changes before adjustment of status, I am sure you will be able to update.

    Also keep your old passport handy for reference and show if required.


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      Appreciate your response. Thank you.