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Can we get i-140 approval notice using FOIA

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  • Can we get i-140 approval notice using FOIA

    Hello All,
    Employer A filed my I-140 and it was approved. They refused to provide me the approval notice but provided me the receipt#. Later I moved to company B. Now company B is starting my green card process. They said I can port my priority date If I have the I-140 approval notice.
    My questions are
    1) Is it possible to request USCIS a duplicate copy of my I-140 approval notice
    using either g-639 (FOIA) or I-824 (Action on an approved application or petition) or any other method as I have my receipt#?
    2) I don't know whether or not employer A revoked my I-140. Can I used it
    to port priority date even if my I-140 is revoked?

    Thanks in advance.