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Min documents for changing employer after I140 approval

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  • Min documents for changing employer after I140 approval

    My employer sponsored my GC process with PERM and I 140 already approved. I could not join him on H1B as I found a better opportunity in Australia.
    I plan to join the employer next year but am finding him less interested in responding to my queries. His website is also down. I believe he is planning to close his business

    I have not asked for I140 approval but I do have the I140 receipt number
    Is that enough for my next employer to port the priority date and continue with the next steps? Anything else that I will need?

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    Sponsoring employer can revoke approved I140 within 180 days of approval date. After 180 days of approval, you can use the receipt number alone to secure your priority date, but your new employer would need to do the whole process again.

    Since you believe he is going to close the business, your I140 will become invalid within 180 days - as the job sponsored to you as part of I140 is no more available.
    - I am not an Attorney, hence not giving any legal advice. Just sharing MY opinion with an intent to help others.

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