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I140 Denied ---URGENT!!! PLEASE HELP !!!!

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  • I140 Denied ---URGENT!!! PLEASE HELP !!!!

    Please Help ..Appreciate your inuts ...Thanks for your time in advance ...
    I140 Denied ---URGENT!!! PLEASE HELP !!!!

    Hello Memebers..Need your help....

    I 140 filed on 12/30/2004 based on preapproved substitute labor ( priority date .Feb 12 2003 ) ...Got Denied on 03/12/05 reasons--1) Ability to pay and 2) Education evaluation.. The USCIS denial letter does not mention anything about 485 ..It says you can appeal the decision to Administrative Appeals Unit(AAU) at DC.. My 6 yrs on H1 expiring on AUg 05 ..Have 4 months in hand ..

    1)Can I file a) Motion to reopen or b) Motion to reconsider ..what is the diff between two ? Can I file a) or b) when USCISA mentions to appeal the decison to AAU?

    2) Can I file for 7th yr H1 extension when the I140 is refiled for Motion to reopen or for appeal at Admin appeal unit ? how can I extend my stay legally ?

    3)Can I apply for new I140/485 using the same approved labor(Substitue) when I have applied for A Motion to reopen or Appeal at AAU for I140 using the same labor

    4) Can I Apply for new I140/485 using the same approved labor if my Motion to Reopen or Appeal at AAU gets denied ..

    5)MY6 yrs on H1 would be over in next four months Can I file new Labor at all?If yes how it will benefit me ?

    6) I was out of india for 8 months ( 6 months family immergency ...and 2 months vacations) Can I use that How can it help me ..

    7)I am recently married and planning to get my wife here on H4 in next two months .....IF she gets an H1 ..can I be on H4 after expiring of my 6 yrs on H1?