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I-140 application filing questions

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  • I-140 application filing questions

    1- My daughter is born of this year and she born in USA and I will be applying for he US passport, do I need to mention her any where in any forms for applying for I-140?
    Do I need to submit the birth certificate for my US born child?

    2- In the I-140 document, it mentions that if the petition is filing by the organization then shall I not fill in my name on the top? Since my company is filing for me what should be done?

    4- In part2 of the form I-140 the petition type I've chosen is C is this EB2 category.

    5- Since the filing of the labor certification my address has changed, should I put new address in the I-140 form and is there any other document that I need to fill?

    6- Do I have to fill form I-134 for my daughter as well who is US citizen?

    7- Do I have to fill in form I-134 for my wife (she is a dependent on me)?

    8- My wife doesn't have I-797, will I have to fill in I-94 for her?

    9- The federal income tax return required for I-140 is this the same form that was used while filing the income tax return i.e. W7 etc. Please guide if any other form needed.

    Thanks in advance