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EB2 eligibility with 3 yrs Indian degree

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  • EB2 eligibility with 3 yrs Indian degree


    Need help with my query here. I did by 3yrs Bachelor's degree from India and 6 months PGDCA certifications. I have a total experience of 12 yrs in JAVA Technology (I have all legitimate service certificates for all the 12yrs experience).

    My employer says he would apply GC under EB3 because USCIS would not consider 3 yrs Degree good for EB2 category, even though I have all the service certificates. Also he says that the service certificates are only considered valid if the service certificate complies with a standard format with the Date of joining & relieving, The technologies that I worked on and the number of projects I worked during that period.

    He says the only chance I have to be eligible for EB2 is to possess a masters in US (I am really not in a mood to study for another 2 yrs). Is it true that USCIS would not consider the 3 yrs Indian bachelor's degree + 12 yrs of experience for EB2. Does anyone know how this case can be presented to make it eligible for EB2.

    I know my employer is taking me for a ride. I want some suggestions what should I do? I am kind of confused and lost. Also, I don't want to get into an argument with my employer on this and stain the relationship.

    Thanks in advance,

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    EB2 eligibility with 3 yrs Indian degree

    Your employer is right. A 3 Year Degree will not qualify you for EB2 no matter how much experience you have. This is my opinion feel free to consult an independent lawyer.