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  • I140 takes too long


    My company has applied for my green card under EB2 category in Jun , 2011. We have done the Bio-metric process on August, 2011. Although my company has been merged with another company as of Jan 2011, they decided to apply for my GC under the old company before merging, On March 2012 a letter received from USCIS requesting for additional evidence. Turned out that the attorney didn't send the right documents from the beginning and also the old company was not in such condition that can support my GC, so they apparently send the required addendum for the merger. Today I received a notification email from USCIS indicating that more evidence is required.Although I still don't know what new evidence is required, it seems to me that the company's attorney did a poor job so far. I don't have any connection with the attorney and all materials comes through my boss.

    Because of the way they responding to USCIS requests, my GC process took too long so far comparing to my friends from other companies.
    My question is: what can I do in this situation? Can I have my own attorney for this process? can I ask my boss to send me a copy of documents before sending it to USCIS to make sure that everything is appropriate? Is there any way that I can make sure they are not going to send inadequate documents?

    BTW, I applied for Work Authorization and Travel Documents for myself and my wife online. I've heard that those applications are not processed before I140 approval. Is that right?
    Please give me your advice
    Thank you