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I 140 Denied. Applied MTR

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  • I 140 Denied. Applied MTR

    Hi All

    My I 140 under EB2 was denied.

    I had previous I 140 Approved from my old employer but they have withdrawn it. I wanted to capture the previous priority date to my new I 140. So when we filed for new I140 from my new employer, we didn't provided the old approval letter of I 140. They sent an RFE to show additional proof of my old I 140. I had the certified ETA form of previous form I 140 which i got it visa FOIA request. That form does have my case number, old priority date as proof but they didn't considered it. USCIS rejected it and denied my I 140 by saying that I did not showed my approval letter for previous I 140.

    I called my old employer and able to get a copy of I 140 approval.

    I opened MTR and sent it last week to USCIS NSC.

    Does anyone know how much time does it takes for the MTR? Why they didn't considered my proof which i sent them before for an RFE?

    Your help will be much appreciated.


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    any updates please?