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IR5 parent application. Guidance needed for interview date timeline

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  • IR5 parent application. Guidance needed for interview date timeline

    Hi All

    I am the petitioner. I've applied GC/IR5 category for my parents are in India.

    Got a email from NVC on May 15, 2019 that they have everything they need (AOS etc) and are waiting for interview date from consulate.

    The NVC (ceac) website is not updated yet so I called and managed to get thru (which is practically a fluke). They confirmed the same that NVC has everything they need and that they are waiting for date.

    I'm looking for some guidance on when I can expect interview date at the mumbai consulate. If there are any others in similar situation, please feel free to respond.

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    I am in same boat with you.
    My parents IR5 case was documentary qualified 2 weeks ago. Havent receive any thing yet.
    If any one for Mumbai have received Interview then let us know the time frame.

    Thank you


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      its been over 3 months now that I have been documentarily qualified. I was told that Mumbai was backlogged.
      There have been folks last year who seemed to have received interview within 30-45 days. My expectation was 60 days.
      Will definitely keep you posted


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        Hello guys,

        Can you please let me know which documents did you file when you applied for your parents green card? Can you please let me know asap I am filling soon.


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          I am also in same boat. documents completed by 5/30/2019 but no communication from nvc/ consulate.


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            Did any one from this list got the Date for Visa Interview? If gets Sooner or Later please inform by replying to stay Updated.
            Me to in the same situation...


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              Kindly let us know if anyone in the forum got the date for visa interview.


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                Seems process is extremely slow now in Mumbai
                Documents approved - Jul 20, 2019
                Received letter for Interview - Oct 24, 2019
                Interview Date - Nov 20, 2019

                good luck to everyone


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                  Thanks for the info